Aapo hits the trails in Japan

Aapo, a runner from Finland who was top 50 in world orienteering as a junior and visited Japan recently sent me these photos and notes from his runs in Kyoto, Shikoku and Saga - thanks Aapo!

Running north of Kyoto: Mount Kurama near Kuramadera Temple
The picture above is from the top of the hill on a hiking route. The picture looks to the east. I followed that trail and had a nice one hour run on a soft trail, returning the same way. Location map

Running trail in Shikoku: Yamashirochō Nobumasa, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima-ken

There are some nice soft trails in this area (above) and if one just keeps going up to the mountains by passing by some houses one may find nice forest trails going a long way. Location map

Running trail in Kyushu: Mount Kora (Korasan), by Karume City, Saga Prefecture

This is a natural mountain area which is nice for hiking and there are trails to run :) The picture above gives a nice taste of what it is like: location map. However this might be a good parking place and starting point. There is a trailhead up towards a peak near the temple that is close to the parking.

Aapo, Finland

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